Why Electrostatic Loudspeakers?

        What justifies the electrostatic approach in designing a loudspeaker? This is an important question that deserves an answer. We asked ourselves the same question over 30 years ago and, with over three decades of experience in designing electrostatic speakers, we feel qualified to offer an answer.


        When Sound Lab started business in 1978 electrostatic speakers were in an infantile development stage, being not much more than a laboratory curiosity with the notable exception of two early pioneers, Arthur Janszen of JansZen Electrostatic and Peter Walker of Quad. Nevertheless, we envisioned that electrostatic technology promised the most accurate means of reproducing sound.

        Who We Are

        Sound Lab has been in business since 1978. The founders of the company, Dr. Roger West and Dr. Dale Ream, shared a belief that electrostatic transduction was potentially the optimum technology for loudspeakers.

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